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The "Spirit All-Stars Too" 2020-2021 Teams 
2020-2021 Half Year Teams

Tiny Prep 1 -  Sparkles

Novice - Tiny Treasure's

2020-2021 Full Year Teams

Youth 1 - Glitz

Junior Level 2-Radiance

Junior Level 3- Ice

Senior Coed Level 4- Code Black
All Star Cheer Information

Full Year Teams

Pre- Season: Mid May-August
Pre-Season is when tryouts are held and teams are placed. At Spirit, we look at all aspects of each cheerleader and decide where their individual talents will most benefit. "Tumbling" is not the only deciding factor for what team/level you will be placed on. In favor of the USASF and Varsity guidelines, our coaches decided where each athletes talents and strengths belong.  
    Once your athlete is placed on a team, we begin team building and bonding activities. We BELIEVE that positive social interactions is the key to success, therefore, team bonding and skill building is the focus of our pre-season. 
    In mid-August we hold mandatory choreography dates where your athlete will learn their competition routine. 

"SWEAT" Season: September-December
    At Spirit we call this "SWEAT" season because this is a crucial time in your athletes season where they will need to work very hard to learn and build their competition routine. The season will consist of two/three practices per week  where your athlete and their team will prefect their routine and prepare for competition season.  

Competition Season: January-May
     Our teams will compete, on average, at about 7-10 competitions, both locally and nationally. Practices remain at two/three times per week throughout competition season. 

Half Year Teams (Prep): November-May

Choreography in November

Practice 3-3.5 hours per week, 1 or 2 days a week 

Compete at approximately 6-8 competitions. 

Spirit All Stars Competition Dates 2020-2021 Season
Coming Soon!!